The Sanctuary
Super baby

Super baby

Hey baby just wanted to say I love you :)!
Your wifey

Wifey was here :)!! Love you babe have a good day

My wife means the world to me i love you babygirl.

Things aren’t going well….

My mother is threatening to take my truck which is my only mode of transportation which she has the ability to do since the title is in her name. If she does do that i will lose my job, my home, and ultimately my child, which is exactly what she wants so she can take him from me and my wife. On top of all this overtime has been completely cut out at work making our financial state even more rocky………which means I’ll never get the money saved for another car even if i did manage to find a way to work…..I just want it all to end……I’m so tired……

I had such a good weekend with my wife :)  i love her so much

I love you baby :)!